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    Hi all,

    We have a 2-year old Qu-32. The Mix 2 XLR output suddenly has an issue. We thought it was dead completely, but after going through all the troubleshooting, we realized that the signal is there, just really, really quiet. I’d estimate 60+db quieter than it should be.

    Troubleshooting steps we’ve done:
    – PAFL is fine (not a routing issue)
    – the floor monitor normally hooked up to Mix 2 is fine (works normally with other outputs)
    – cabling is fine (running the cabling – through floor conduit to a stage jack – through another mix output and to the same floor monitor works fine – this is our workaround right now – just using another mix, though we use all four mono Mix outs, so we’d like to keep using Mix 2 as well).
    – hard reset
    – updated firmware (have latest on it now)

    I’m an intermediate level operator/tech. I’ve run my fair share of boards but never seen this before. If the output was completely dead it would make more sense to me, but I don’t understand the vast drop in volume from the physical output.

    It’s pretty frustrating since this is so recently out of warranty and we’re not in a big centre so likely would need to ship it off to have it further diagnosed/repaired. We can’t afford the downtime or (likely) the expense. It’s sat on a desk the whole time and ins and outs have basically been plugged in the whole time too, so it’s not even like we’ve had a bunch of movement or plugging/unplugging all the time.

    Any suggestions for things I’ve missed in troubleshooting or other possible causes and/or solutions would be most welcome.

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    I know these are obvious, but they’re the only things I can think of short of hardware issues. Mix inputs are set to Pre-Fader? Mix master fader is up?

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    Mike C

    When you tested the monitor on another mix output and it worked OK did you use the same cables as when it was connected to the mix 2 output.

    Do you have a stage box in your system, if so you can send mix 2 to an output on the stage box.

    On you mixer are you using the ALT OUTPUT for anything, if not go to the IO patch set up and send mix 2 to the ALT OUTPUT and use that connection. You will need a 1/4 inch TRS plug to XLR male adapter cable to make that connection.

    Neither of those work arounds fix the problem but would get you back and running and also re confirm that mix 2 in itself is OK.

    My guess is that either the positive or negative leg of the mix 2 balanced output is dead. Could be a broken solder connection at the XLR connector or a bad output driver.
    With the cable plugged into the mix 2 output does twisting a little on the connector make the level come back up or cut in and out?

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    Thanks garyh, obvious, yes, but never hurts to make sure. 🙂 We did check those things, yes.

    Mike C, thanks to you too.

    Same cables, yes.

    No stage box.

    Not using ALT for anything; that’s a good workaround for now, thanks. Come to think of it, I didn’t think of re-routing to another out. We’re just using Mix 7 as a short-term solution, but it’d be nice to stay with mixing on Mix 2, just for our volunteer operators’ sake. I’d have to dig into the routing again when I’m at the board – maybe I can route to another Mix out, which would save an adapter? (No need to answer – I can look at that myself.)

    I’ll check on the twisting thing next time I’m in. Thanks again.

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    Mike C

    You can route mix 2 through a matrix output, the matrix outs are XLR so no adapter needed.

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