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    Afternoon everyone
    To save me a bit of time has anyone spotted any instructions/ videos / help leaflets around the interweb to help set up Adobe Audition as both a recording suite and as a DAW/ control surface for post production ?
    My searches have so far only revealed sketchy notes which help slightly but are not really complete. So just wondering if anyone has a crib sheet or step by step instructions tucked away they may wish to share – please?

    I have a MAC and a QU-32 and looking to connect via USB

    Any assistance appreciated

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    Over the past few days I have been plodding through the setup however I can only get the DAW to work one way around – so something is still not correct.
    I can get Audition to see audio played via the mixer and I can get the faders to react to click and drag on the screen i.e. within Audition… but I can not work out how to get the faders to control the screen faders ? I assume you should see them move up and down on screen as you move them on the console?

    If it helps I also think that other functionality is not crossing the USB lead either way i.e. gain, pan etc.

    Other bits of background that may just assist others in setting up:

    I have installed the A&H DAW Control driver (1.03) https://www.allen-heath.com/key-series/qu-series/#tab5
    and used https://www.allen-heath.com/media/DAW-Control-Setup-Notes-V1.30.pdf as a guide – i.e. custom layer set to midi

    Setting it to Mackie – midi ports – in and out midi. The squares flash on data ( i.e. left for up, right box for down)

    I have also selected within Audition – preferences – Control surfaces –
    —-Device class – Mackie
    —-in the configuration pop up – I have added 4 times (1 each for each bank of 8 faders on the desk) the input device/ output device i.e. midi 1 for bank 1 , midi 2 for bank 2 etc.

    but still it does not work transparently? Any thoughts much appreciated?

    Adobe Audition CS6 – 5.0.2 and Mac 10.10.5

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    As mentioned several times in various threads DAW control only allows to control few items inside the DAW from the desk (i.e. Faders, PAFL, Mute, particularily not PAN, EQ and anything else) using the custom layer. If you need more or bidirectional communication you’ll need to use the Qu MIDI Protocol and configure your DAW to listen and send the messages the Qu understands.
    Contrary to DAW Control this works well with both Mac and Windows but probably not with every DAW.

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    Hi. I have just bought a imac 21.5inch apple computer to use with my qu 32 mixer. I am trying to get it connected to the mixer so that I can play music & videos through the mixer to our projector and speakers. I have never worked with an apple so I need very simple instruction on how to set up the imac and the qu 32 so that it will work. I have a usb cable at the imac connected to a usb b at the qu 32 input, is this correct? What settings do I need on each side. Please someone help.

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