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    I could use help with my newly purchased Qu 32. I have an older hard Drive Recorder (Mackie HDR 24/96) I had it set up with 16 audio channels and 8 ADAT channels. I want to migrate the tracks to Logic Pro X. Inputting the first 16 channels is a breeze. The 8 ADAT channels are a challenge. I have a Mackie Blackbird interface that has ADAT, but I need the tracking to run at the same time as the 16 analog channels. I’m wondering if I have the Blackbird and the Qu 32 going in my Mac at the same time it might cause problems. Any ideas you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mac’s allow you to create “Aggregate” audio devices. Essentially you can combine multiple audio interfaces that will be viewed as one device in logic. This is all done in the audio/midi settings, there is a “+” sign to add a device, select aggregate. Hope this helps.

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    I’d probably use a ADAT-DAC and record all channels only through one interface, otherwise someone (probably the mac in this case) needs to consolidate samplingrates (=resampling). This is obvious if your recordings are 44.1kHz and the Qu only supports 48kHz, but also happens with recordings at 48kHz, since both units are not sample synchronized.
    In any case I expect that you need to align the recorded tracks afterwards, since the conversion latency through the Qu will differ from the latency through the digital path. We’re talking about a few mSec here. Not really audible but enough to potentially cause phase issues if different paths carry signals from same audio source.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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