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    Mikey B

    So, I left my Qu32 powered up for a couple of days…. Long story… But it locked up by the time I got back to it. It had not overheated, from what I could tell (was in a basement room in the winter in Minnesota). All other studio gear was fine (computers, rack gear, etc… All left on also)…

    It would not respond to anything and even just doing a power off and back on would not get it to unlock… I eventually did a hard reset (no big deal as scenes were all saved) and it came back to life…

    Just throwing it out there… Not sure if anyone’s had a similar experience…

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    You are not alone. I have had to do a few hard resets as well.
    Even after doing resets and turning off/on.
    I was running the QU32 in many different type of scenarios.
    I guess it really brings back to home to “save settings data” show files or whatever onto a stick unless you are starting from scratch.

    However .. brilliant mixer! I own 3 of them!

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    I wonder how many hours it was before it went to sleep and could not be woke up?

    Does A&H know about this?

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    I’m sure A&H read all posts Dan.

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    Nicola A&H

    I’d suggest to open a Support ticket if this happens again. We are not aware of this issue.
    Winter in Minnesota – any chance the room temperature dropped below the specified operating temperature (5 – 35 degrees Celsius)?

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    5-35 is quite tight actually. Hadn’t realised it was that narrow. Presume that’s the effect of passive cooling.

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    Mikey B

    No, it stayed between 55-65°F… It has never happened since, but I haven’t left it on more than 10 hours or so since… Probably not more than 2 hours idle at any time.

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