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    We are looking at the purchase of the QU-32 and it fits our mixing needs perfectly, but we currently have a fully functional Aviom system with 8 heads and the additional replacement of that system with the ME system would make this cost prohibitive (even though the new ME system looks awesome).

    Can the Qu-32 use adapters like M-MMO or can the output for the monitor mixers be configured for aviom A-Net interface? Since the ME system can understand Aviom, can the desk send in aviom A-Net protocol? Or is there another interface that can give me 16 discrete outputs to send to the Aviom system?

    Any suggestions how I can make this interface a reality since this desk does not have direct outs?

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    Possibility using the usb audio option – depends on a PC-Anet output

    Can the aviom be fed from split cables?

    actually – QU32 has 24 mix outputs – how many do you need for the aviom system?

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    I would like the same question answered. We currently use a Soundcraft Series Two 32 channel analog board, outputting to an Aviom AN-16/i v.2 Input Module with several a-16 II personal mixers. These support up to 16 channels. We output groups to the Aviom mix to combine down to 16 channels.

    How can I connect the QU 32 to the AN-16/i v.2 Input Module? Would I send a CAT 5 cable from the dsnake out on the qu 32 to the Aviom?

    Thank you.

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    Should you guys be looking at a GLD system? That does what you want it to do.

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    I’m with Mervaka on this.
    I don’t have a GLD system but from what I see there comes a limit to where a price break and design in a system like the QU.
    I have not seen mentions of the AES out put in these forums?
    Maybe that could be software re-designed to add a box like the MU to supply other systems?

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    Thanks. But I’m still curious about potions and I’m not sure our volunteers would view the God as an easy transition from analog.

    Does the QU32 have a way to output analog try to feed the Aviom AN-16/i v.2 Input Module?

    I have to admit that I’m a musician with a basic understanding of mixing. I’m still trying to get arms around the structure of the current setup and how to convert to digital. Our current system feeds 4 monitor mixes, a feed to small speakers in the Gathering area, the Avioms, and a mono mix to 4 big flown main speakers (probably 18s). I still have to map it all out.
    If I could get the QU32 to provide for the current needs, it would be a good move for the short term.

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    Dick Rees

    As Bob mentioned above, the Qu-32 has 24 mix outputs (analog on xlr). You say you currently need 5 mixes plus one feed to the mains. Simple math says that you could use the Qu-32 and have more than a dozen mix outputs to spare…

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    Is there a way to go digitally into an aviom system from a QU series console or do you need to use analog outputs into the Aviom AN-16?

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    Of course you might be able to sell the axiom and fund some me1’s

    Or even just use the boards mix outputs into headphone amps, depending on your musician count….

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    Just for curiosity: The monitor ports of AR2412 is advertised to be AVIOM compatible. Would be interesting if:
    – Someone could proof this works
    – Mixed operation of ME-1 and AVIOM is possible
    – AVIOM also works when directly connected to the Qu

    If Aviom works from the AR2412 monitor ports, adding a AR2412 would allow to digitally feed the Avioms from Qu…

    just found this in the GLD forum:
    Expander port of AB168 and Aviom?

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    ahh, guess this compatibility is GLD only, since monitor mode needs to be switched between ME-1 and AVIOM which is not possible on the Qu….

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