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    Figured I’d share what my QU-32 looks like in the base of the SKB case I bought for it.
    I was going to just go the usual route of flight-case, but since I work alone, I needed something that wasn’t going to give me a hernia when I had to move it.
    The SKB is fairly light (46-lbs empty), has 4 heavy-duty wheels, and I like the doghouse with carpeted shelf for the laptop and router.
    Time will tell, but so far, I am impressed.

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    Looks brilliant
    I like it!
    Thanks for sharing.
    AND.. really good place to have you vocals!
    I always like my vocal right hand end but got burnt with a brand new AR08 fed from AR2408 and my vocals were in those last 8 channels.
    So now I use those same channels (as yourself) for Vocals as they are the last thing in a live mix you want not to work in a paying job!


    dave NZ

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    The main reason for that layout is I am using 2 of the AB168 dSNAKE boxes.
    dSNAKE 1-16 is at the rear of the stage for the drums and instrument inputs, plus the Main Outputs to the DriveRack 260, and the drummer and keyboard players floor wedges.
    dSNAKE 17-32 is at the front of the stage for vocal inputs and mix outputs for vocal floor wedges.
    Works out well, I only need to run one Cat5 cable back to the console.
    Trying to work smarter, not harder, in my old age!

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    I just bought a Qu32, and the SKB is my next purchase when I can afford it. I see the doghouse is huge, enough to place a laptop on it. Now that you have had it some time, how does it work on the job? My biggest concern is blockage of the thermal vents. As you know, there aren’t any cooling fans in the Qu, and I’m afraid it would overheat quickly and shut down if the vents were obstructed. How has that worked out? I also noticed in the attachments you have dedicated eight channels to drums. I use Glyn Johns (sp?) method, which requires four mics, but might go with more once I realize I have 32 channels to work with instead of 16.

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    I only used the Qu-32 in the case for 2 gigs, no heat issues at all.
    Since the back of the case where the doghouse is is open on both sides, I think there is plenty of ventilation.
    I no longer have the Qu-32, it was way more than I needed, so I sold it and have a Qu-24 for gigs where I need more than the Qu-16.
    I still have the case for sale.
    As far as drums, I have an 8-channel sub-snake I use, but rarely need 8 mics for a live show.
    The gigs I do are small enough that usually a kick, snare, 2-3 toms, and high hat will suffice.

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    Thanks for sharing Rob. I have the exact same setup.

    How is the TPLink router working for you?

    Studio 52

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