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    so far fewer inserts possible than an analog mixer with one insert on every channel input

    to be precise…
    on the dLive every channel has two inserts and every bus has one insert
    additionally you already have EQ, gate and compressor on every channel and grafics EQ, PEQ and compression on all busses
    64 Dyn8 processors and 16 FX are useable as inserts and you can patch all possible sockets on the system into the inserts
    also all Dante, Waves or MADI in and outs
    so analog inserts are only one possible solution

    the SQ has only one insert on all input and bus channels but can route it to all sockets or internal FX

    but the QU only has internal inserts, it has no hardware inserts available

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    The OP was talking about Qu before you hijacked the thread with SQ stuff.

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    I use a qu32. I had a qu16 but stumbled upon a 32 for only a little more than what I knew I could sell the qu16 for so went for it. It is a monster compared to the 16, which I don’t mind but some people might if you don’t have the desk space. I also struggled with having enough inputs and outputs. I hate messing with cables and found I also don’t like traditional pathways because in my experience after a few chains they are noisy and just more cable mess.

    A while back I got an ab168 so I could Have enough inputs and outputs for an electronic drum set and just run an Ethernet cable to it. That worked great and since I have the qu32 on one desk and a bunch of equipment on another I though another stagebox would be nice so I can link the two desks with an Ethernet cable, so I got an ar2412. Ok so with both stageboxes and the physical inputs on the qu32 I can plug in a ton of stuff but I was not completely satisfied. I wanted more channels and I still wanted a lot of gear off a patchbay so I can route things to each other without Routing then through the mixer.

    What I landed on to finish my setup is an old extron mav plus 3232a stereo matrix. It will matrix switch 32 stereo inputs and 32 stereo outputs. It can be network controlled and has buttons on the front to patch ins and outs. Best part is it was around $175 on eBay. That is absolutely absurd for all it can do. It also has attenuation and mutes and some other stuff, I haven’t fully explored it yet, but hat is awesome with this setup I now have something like 140 physical inputs and 80 physical outputs. I can easily connect all my gear and have tons of ins/outs still available. Granted I can only work with 38 inputs and 20 outputs on the mixer at once, but that is plenty for me. I can easily route anything in and out as I want without messing with cables. To link the stereo matrix to my qu32 I’m eating the group outputs so that gives me 4 stereo channels. And I’m eating 12 line inputs on the qu32 so that lets me bring in up to 6 stereo channels from the matrix. But that is a tiny fraction of my overall channels and I don’t think I really need to any more connections that that, but I could add some more if needed.

    All this said if you do go sq you can use stage boxes, link multiple mixers, and use the AHM64. That would provide a ton of options but also cost a ton. The old extron audio matrix boxes do a lot of the same things for dirt cheap in comparison.

    Anyway I really like my combo of AH qu32, ab168, ar2412, and extron mav plus 3232a. It finally gives me all the channels I need with plenty of room to grow.

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    I really like my combo of AH qu32, ab168, ar2412, and extron mav plus 3232a. It finally gives me all the channels I need with plenty of room to grow

    Great post and info!
    I have had a quick search on the extron mav plus 3232a
    I do remember those from my AV days
    Are they all terminals for audio on the rear?

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