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    After setting up a rather complicated scenario with both matrix’s being used. I need just one more matrix!

    My DR66 died last year which always gave me 3 delays superbly!
    DR66 is 20bit processing and always had to use RS232 (from memory to get into settings) I’m not getting it fixed.

    Looking at the QU32 board layout there looks like space next to the existing matrix’s…. a couple blank space fader’s

    I know there are not the physical outputs on the rear of the mixer however the outputs could be assigned to one of the AR boxes.

    Ive heard that only 3 of the 5 processors (QU-32) are being used so there is the power under that hood?

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    Can you use a group output? Or a mix out?

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    Hi dhak,

    Yes there are spare strips on the top layer, but that’s about it. Don’t trust the rumours, whoever told you that information didn’t even count the number of DSP processors correctly 🙂 Bob’s suggestions are as close as you’ll get, unfortunately. It’s good to know people are fully utilising Qu though 🙂


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    My other thought is that three delays reeks of a system than needs a speaker controller…

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    A mixing desk will, at some point, have one to few inputs and/or one too few outputs. It’s one of the fundamental rules of the universe. Probably.

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    My other hobby is bikes, where n+1 is the number of bikes one should own (n being the number owned at present), but also important is s-1 – where s is the spouse number, the number of bikes which would result in divorce.

    When n = s – 1 a fine equilibrium must be held…

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    Thanks for all of your comments.
    Yes a speaker sontroller like the DR66 used to make it easy.
    However this is better. Everything in one box.
    I probably need a mixer next level up.
    I have been doing this same show for 20 years.
    From the anologe A & H days to now.
    Used to have to carry a lot of out board EQs around
    Live recording whilst live sound with a lot of people whispering sitting in chairs.
    Its been a tough journey however the QU-32 just makes this a breeze now.
    Thanks A & H
    A little more tweaking on this desk will make this better.

    Thanks again people

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    …nice, Qu48… 😉

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    Rack a speaker controller with a stagebox and you’re sorted 😉

    I know it’s not always that easy. A single delay box, with a split input cable and providing part of the delay in each unit could work, but I understand the reticence,

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    I’m in the middle of a long session. Multi tracking as well.
    So I can not change too much on the fly.
    I wasn’t able to get a feed from sub groups into my mono centre mix which is mix 4?
    Is this correct?
    I can feed the mix 4 (centre mix) direct from channel feeds, however thats not tottaly suitable.
    Any ideas?

    thanks. i’ll check back

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    Post fader sends at unity, or loop back through a spare channel?

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    My large live sound recording event went absolutely super thanks to the QU32.
    The QU32 replaced using about 3 racks of outboards EQues and compressors and external recording equipment.
    Congratulations A & H
    I have been doing this event for 20 years from a small A & H mixer recording to cassette and now streaming to digital.
    The QU32 is nearly the perfect mixer!
    What would have made this easier would have been another matrix.
    I guess I need to get a rack mount mixer to get subgroups into another send.
    To be able to get proportions of subgroups into a mix send would have been the answer for myself in this scenario.


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