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    It would be really good if the sub-groups could be enabled to make motorised Mix out sends like the mix 1 through to 9/10.
    All of the physical connections are in the back.
    However the sub group buttons on the master strip just relate to the FOH surface

    dave NZ

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    Sub Groups are Busses with routing, matrices are busses with other busses as input,
    so i don’t understand the suggestion

    The sub group buttons aplly to all kinds of use, not only FOH

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    and thanks for the reply
    Sorry I couldn’t get back to reply earlier. (been preparing the truck for the silly season! Not enough time in the days)

    SUGGESTION to be able to depress a switch to flip (like older A&H GL desks) flip mode for the sub-groups which have physical buttons down on the master strip to act like mix buttons with flying faders (representaion of that mix) that represent the outgoing mix to the XLR ports on the back of the QU32
    At the moment they are unusable as a mix to their own port as they only fly into position once of which is the top layer of the FOH mix
    Im talking monitor desk scenario to achieve more mixes.
    The hardware is all in place….


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    Are you thinking of the switches that swapped the pots for Auxes with the faders for Groups?

    That never changed the flexibility, just the location of the control.

    I’m not sure the hardware is in place – the matrices don’t take signals from the channels directly, the groups do – but only as part of the main mix if it is similar to the analogue A&H desks I’m used to – the mix is sent to the group(s) selected, and L(C)R based on the routing selection, but it’s always the same mix…

    Am I missing something about the bigger QU desks (quite possible)

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    I think that just making the subgroup signal not on/off but level controlled is all they need to do.
    Swapping of aux/groups is not necesarry, in that case you can have at least 4 mono or stereo aud sends extra.
    That would fit!

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