QU-24 with Ardour/Linux. USB-streaming works!

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    Hello everybody,

    Just wanted to inform you all that i tested today my QU-24 and my Linux laptop for recording and playback.

    Streaming works both ways. Midi not tested yet.

    All you need is to first start QJackCtl and start Jack connection. After that start Ardour and let it use the Jack session that is already created.

    After that just patch the inputs and outputs in Ardour as you would with any soundcard.

    My Linux Distro is the latest 64-bit Linux Mint (Xfce) in a Thinkpad 410 and version of Ardour is 4.6.0

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    Hi, I’m just wandering if you ever tested midi link between the mixer and Linux daw? I’m already using USB streaming for audio with ardour but I’m sure how to go about midi control (mainly for fader levels). I haven’t spent much time on it yet but was just thought might be able to guide me before I spend too much time on it if it’s not possible or you already know how

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    Hello, I know this post is old but I would like to be able to stream audio from pulseaudio (or any other stuff like alsa or jackd) to a QU24 mixer. Do you know if only ardour does it or can you stream from mpv or vlc for example?

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    JACK definitely works well with qu24 as that’s how I get ardour to work with it. I haven’t tried pulse but it think anything working on JACK work with alsa. Any app using JACK or alsa should work and pulse probably will too

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    hi, at what sampling frequency does qu24 work? how should jack be set? thank you

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    Qu series operates at 48kHz sampling rate.

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