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    I’m using the Qu-24 to multitrack a band live. It’s working great. I’ve figured most everything out, but one thing still confuses me.

    When I’m routing the audio back from my DAW (Logic Pro X) theres an output option for channels 31-32. I can’t seem to find where this would come back into the board?

    Outputs 1-24 come back in their correlating channel, as long as I have the USB B source selected on that channel.
    25-26 is ST1
    27-28 is ST2
    29-30 is ST3
    31-32 is ?????????

    I can choose 31-32 in Logic like it’s an option, but where the heck does that come back in the board? So confused…

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    For a Qu-24 that’s your limit. To use the full 32, you need a Qu-32, PAC or SB.

    If you had a Qu-16 you’d be limited to 22 inputs from USB.

    This ties in nicely with my mixing desk “rule” that says however many inputs and outputs you have available, sooner or later you’ll want at least one more! 😉

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    And then when you do have a QU32 and you want to mix all 32 channels and bring the [ITB] mix output back into the mixer you cant use ST1/2 or 3! 🙂

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    Could that be the AES?

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    According to the manual, the Qu-24 has 32 usb-b out and 30 usb-b in. I checked the Qu-Pad app and st1/3 can be sourced from the usb-b.

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