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    Hi, I’m on my second brand new QU-24 and the same problem has occurred within hours of using it.
    The touchscreen freezes. If I hadn’t already had the iPad app running I wouldn’t have been able to shut it down.

    Why is this happening. On two different brand new mixers sold by two different online sellers? The first was BHPhoto and the second was via Amazon.

    Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? or am I just unlucky in getting two bad mixers?

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    We’re they both plugged into the same power source? A bad power source can cause glitches. Get a battery backup unit that has a power leveling feature.

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    Hi, yes, I use a fairly new Furman power conditioner. Not good enough you think? I’ll try moving to another power outlet. I have a gig coming up, fingers crossed that the location change does something positive.

    BTW, are you suggesting any battery backup with a power leveling feature?

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    Mike C

    There’s a big difference between a power conditioner and a power regulator, some conditioners may filter out some high frequency noise on the power or disconnect the power if it goes over a certain high limit voltage setting, they do give you a handy place to plug equipment into! A regulator will keep the output voltage the same or within a few volts as the input voltage raises or drops within it’s operating range, my Furman regulator is something like 95 to 140.
    Look at getting a battery back up / “UPS” that is always running on the inverter, that will give you regulated voltage output at all times and there is no switching time from when you loose power to battery power coming on, even though that happens really fast there can be a slight glitch during the switch over.

    One time I did have the front panel screen freeze on my QU Pac. Not sure at what point during the day it happened, it was running all day at a festival on a voltage regulator
    from a soild power source. The iPad control was working fine, never figured it out and it’s never done it again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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