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    Yesterday I had this weird issue where on qu-24 the Pafl bus did not work.
    I expected the headphone amp would be broken, then I thought what if I route the Pafl to Alternative out: also no signal.

    Then I fiddled around with the settings of the Pafl bus, I tried all combinations.
    Still no sound on Pafl.
    Then reboot:
    No changes….

    Then I did a factory reset (after backing up my show)

    The Pafl Bus was working again!

    Did anyone else had a same experience?
    And did the problem showed up again?

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    Had this problem again the last days, this time with a reboot the audio on headphone PFL bus was there again.

    what could this be??? I also wrote today about a alt out problem on our QU-PAC.
    i need reliable equipment, is there something I should check? the only thing what both consoles have in common is a StageRack AR2412 and on the Network Side a wireless Router (with POE)

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @Kalle,

    Since this has been solved with a Hard Reset, it is likely to be something operational (A setting or configuration).
    Please send a message to Support@ allen-heath.com with all the details on both issues (The PAFL and the ALT OUT), kindly add a screenshot of your PAFL settings on the moment of the issue experienced, and we will be happy to look into this with you.

    Thank you,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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