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    Our church uses a qu-24 and I tried using a mic to capture the congregation singing to add some depth to our recordings and youtube stream. The problem with doing that is that it’s routed through the house monitors. I want to eliminate it coming through the house but stil have it in the recording. It’s mainly for prayer time or Q and A not really for singing.
    I assume that I could somehow turn that particular channel off in the monitors. Just not sure exactly how to do it. Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can do this, and there are several ways of going about it.

    What are you actually recording – is it just the L&R mix in stereo?
    What’s feeding the house monitors – is that also the L&R mix?

    You’ll need to change one of these, if both are the same.

    The simplest example may be using Mix 9&10 as the recording source, set post fade from all channels, and with the congregation mic OFF (not selected) to L&R.

    If the setup is more complex, there are other ways to achieve this.

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    Mike C

    I’ll also add that if you use a mix for your streaming audio source and recording, if that recording is going to the USB drive on the mixer you will need to go into the IO patch setting menu and assign the USB drive source to come from the mix your using.

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    I’m pretty sure the house monitors and recording are both L+R mix. I wish I saw your post before I went out there tonight. I would have checked to make sure. I won’t get a chance to look again until Wednesday night. I’ll check it out then. Thank you.

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