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    Hi all. Just recently got my QU-24 so still getting my head around it, been using it mostly as a live desk so far but now want to start some multitrack recording via Logic Pro. Have gone through the setup for Logic Pro as per the A&H Tutorial on YouTube. Got it working as far as getting audio into Logic but not getting any sound back through the desk eg. Im getting signal to individual tracks & master fader on Logic but nothing through my speaker monitors. My monitors are connected to the main LR outs on the QU. Outputs on individual Logic tracks are set to Stereo 1&2. Audio IN & OUT in Logic preferences set to QU-24. Can someone confirm the AUDIO MIDI SETUP Output channels for the QU-24? There’s reference to 17&18 for the QU-16 but what are they on the QU-24? Im thinking this could be the issue? Also i have fader control on all 24 tracks from the QU to Logic but not on the Master? (Im getting 2 Master faders on screen in Logic, one gets signal the other doesn’t) Not sure why?

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