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    Hi, mates
    Have someone experience with Qu series and Bitwig Studio DAW?
    I get the new Bitwig Studio DAW during last NAMM Show and looks great!
    But I can’t have configuration for audio output!
    This DAW recon immediately my Qu-24, but with output busses or speakers don’t works and I don’t hear any recording or sound coming from mics.
    I download the Allen and Head MIDI control software, of course.
    Any support its appreciate….

    Thanks, Alberto Arias

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    we need more info

    Output from where? Input to where?

    What is the midi doing ?
    What are you trying to accomplish with bigwig/Qu combination?

    Can’t hear where?
    from PC or to speakers from Qu?

    What PC? What opsys version?

    Not many bigwig users in USA but some of the Euro folks may help with using bigwig.
    Better info could get some help for Qu from both continents.

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    Hi volunteer,
    Output is my Qu-24
    My Speakers is connected to matrix 1-2 outputs in my Qu-24 but I don’t listen anything. I moved to my LR outputs, neither.
    I select to MacBook speaker and works, but not through my Qu-24 and monitor speakers respectively.
    indicators in the MacBook Pro shows signal in the output buss.
    MacBook Pro is new and has BigRio iOS.

    Thanks for your time.

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    How are you connecting to from the Qu
    channel strip, usb, other?
    are you using an audio interface?
    I do not use mac so unsure if it has other types of inputs you use.

    are you listening on headphones or speakers?
    where to the headphones plug into PC or Qu
    where does the speaker voltage come from ? Pc or Qu

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    I connect through Qu-24 USB port
    I don’t use interface
    Bitwig record from channels 17/18 when I use my pen drive in the stereo channel 3 as well as I select mono channels 14 and 15 per example and its record music, my voice, etc.
    But when I want listen my recording, only can use the MacBook speakers or headphone connected to the Mac.

    I just looking for listen my recordings through my speakers connected to my Qu-24

    Do you want a pic with channels output options in the Bitwig configuration?
    Maybe its useful to know what’s wrong!

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    I am suspecting it is a Qu setting.

    Have you selected the Qu input?
    Have you routed it to where you speakers connect to the Qu?

    How do I stream audio from my computer to my Allen & Heath QU mixer? Article #1724139 Updated on Jun 4, 2015 at 6:43 PM
    First, you’ll need to set the Global USB source to USB B. You can do this by selecting any channel, pressing the Processing button, then pressing the Fn button underneath the screen to access the Source Page. Tap your finger on the global USB source to change it.

    Next, you’ll need to set your return channels [for recording]. You can do this by using the Preamp screen and the Source Page (where the Global USB source is set) to assign specific channels.

    For more information, see page 60 in the user manual for the Qu series mixers.

    This should tell how to do it as your use case noted

    This is also useful



    prefade assign

    save scenes last of series ?

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