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    Has anyone else experienced their QU-24 crashing randomly?

    Mine had never done this until I rearranged my studio recently. This involved adding a large USB hub (QU-24 not plugged into it, the mixer is plugged directly to the native USB ports on my MacPro) and also adding all new memory modules to my Macpro (32gb of factory spec ram).

    The MacPro itself if very stable, no issues I can detect at all. The QU-24 is now freezing in most sessions (within say an hour). Audio continues to pass through it from all sources but everything else is ‘locked up’ eg no meters, screen won’t respond etc.

    If I power cycle it then everything goes back to normal, but when using a DAW that usually means at least restarting the DAW if. Or restarting the machine for everything to work as normal after.

    I know I could pull all the ram out of the Mac Pro and see if it still happens but I’d like to avoid that unless it’s the last troubleshooting step, but it’s also probably the only substantial change I’ve made.

    If you have experienced something similar, how did you fix it?

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    Is it a USB3 hub? They can sometimes cause interference with other devices, though it’s usually 2.4GHz wireless stuff.


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    Have you run a memtest?

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    I know you are plugging the QU directly into USB on your Mac
    I used to use MacBook Pro powering 2 screens with GSR24 plugged in and the occasional crash of the system and I thought oh-no! I thought is was my mixer.
    But I tracked the issue to a USB hub which was not certified by Apple and this USB hub was only driving fans!?
    So does your system crash with just the QU24 plugged in with no USB Hub?

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    Guys, he’s talking about the Qu which is freezing, not the Mac. 😉
    Did you try unconnecting the Qu from USB when this happens? Maybe sort of MIDI loop where the Qu receives back all its own MIDI messages from your DAW.

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    Thanks all. The QU-24 isn’t going via the hub, but it’s a USB 2 hub.

    I’ll look into the midi loop issue and try pulling the USB cable out, good suggestion. It’s possible I might have accidentally set up a midi loop somehow.

    After that I’ll try disconnecting the hub memtest and turning off wireless.

    Thanks for all of the ideas I’ll post back if I get it sorted out.

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    Ok I have done some experimentation and the QU-24 is crashing even when the USB cable is not connected to the computer… I guess that isn’t a good sign? At least the computer can be ruled out.

    Anything that is worth trying with the QU-24 to attempt to resolve the problem?

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