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    I wanted recently to adjust volume control out on the 2 Track out jacks.
    And I don’t mean the master fader… that was at a perfect mechanical volume
    Any thoughts welcome.

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    Dick Rees

    Are you using the Alt Outs for anything?

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    Oh yea Alt outs yes.
    This was a studio scenario and so Alt outs are my PFL listeners.
    I got around the issue by re-recording back into a couple of channels back within Reaper.
    BUT I should have used the QU stick in the desk. DUH!!!
    However thats when I realised there is NO volume control anywhere for the out put of the 2 Track out.
    See from what I gather you cant get back into the MAC from the master of the QU
    Its a 32 by 32 USB …
    Unlike the GSR24 where the master can record back into the Mac or PC

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    2trk is a direct copy if LEFT, post fader – check the block diagram

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    Thanks Bob Yes I know that.

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