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    I use the St1/2 for MC mic’s
    OR sometimes to bring another side car mixer in…

    Alt out for PFL/AFL local monitor wedge.
    delayed for distance listening at FOH.
    Studio scenario maybe for studio speakers?
    The choice is up to you.
    Flexability is the key.

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    Steroe mixes do allow panning, yes

    ST can also be useful for Keys or other naturally stereo sources

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    Be careful how you use similar terminologies. Panning is for a mono->stereo crosspoint (unless you provide independent pans for the left/right of a stereo source). Stereo->stereo crosspoints on Qu are a balance control.


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    Ah yes – the RHS of a ST input can’t be pushed to the LHS of a stereo mix – maybe?

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    With regards to recalling scenes, are you able to assign a soft key for this function so that you only need to press one button? Also, when you turn on the mixer (after using it for yesterday’s gig), will all of the processing or I guess every setting be back to where it was last used/saved including the fader position? So if I left channels on and not muted, it will turn on the same way? Thanks guys.

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    Yes, you can recall the next (used) scene with a single soft key.

    next time you use the desk it will restart in the same state as you turned it off except IIRC it will not remember the last or next scene number. I tend to mute all outputs before turning off to avoid any unexpected noises next time I power up.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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