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    Hi Qu Fans…

    So I had finally narrowed my mixer purchase down to the Qu-16 because I really like to have fader control at events but I started doing a little more research on the Qu-pac. When I first saw it I thought it was merely a faderless Qu-16 but then discovered it was actually a faderless Qu-32. Now my decision became a bit more difficult. Are there any other Qu-pac users on the boards? Were you happy with the purchase or do you regret not having faders?

    I was also contemplating using the Qu-16 in studio for DAW control. How well is this implemented? My other option was to wait for the Behringer X-touch for my studio and possibly use it with the Qu-pac for live shows. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    I recently changed from a QU16 to the QU-PAC. At first I was a little nervous in doing this but I was able to borrow a QU-PAC for a few days to try out before I did. I have to say I was very impressed with the extremely well thought out user interface. I found it had way more controllability than I expected and felt I could confidently mix entirely with the onboard controls. The QU-PAD app makes things even easier.
    I use my QU-PAC for a range of gigs from small acoustic jazz gigs where I’m just running keys, upright bass and a vocal mic through FOH to corporate functions for large bands with audiences of up to 300-400 people. Having this much power and controllability in such a small lightweight box is superb and I’m loving the QU-PAC.

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    QuPac is awesome!
    I thought I’d miss my QU24’s faders but I don’t!
    The last major QuPad upgrade allowing two iPads completed the product.
    Having said that, I left my iPads at home by accident a few weeks back but did the gig from the front panel very easily. It took 5 or 10 minutes to set up a couple of custom screens and the rest was plain sailing. It really is a dream product, even a qu16 in a flightcase is quite hefty. The power of a qu32 in such a small box is great, and the price per channel is worth mentioning too.

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    I use a QU16, but I leave it onstage.

    All my mixing is done from the iPad, and I have to say it’s excellent.
    I am thinking about getting a BCF2000 to try and get me some remote faders (8 is normally enough), but the iPad works and it means no multicore etc…

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    Just recently got my QU-Pac and I was at a crossroads between the Qu-pac or qu-32. I think the question that most soundguys have to answer is, can they go forward without the feel of faders? I ultimately chose the Qu-pac for the more bang for your buck, smaller footprint and the option to upgrade/more channels if needed. I love the option to be compact for my smaller gigs not needing more than 16 channels, but yet have the ability to have more channels with my dsnake box. Also a big plus, not having to depend on your Ipad and the ability to function from the box.

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    If Berry did a version of the XTouch that was for live sound (i.e. with a superstrip instead of a million studio buttons) then I’d want one, badly.

    If A&H released a QU16 surface (maybe one with more ‘layer’ buttons) as a remote control for the QU series (from the QU16 left on stage to the QUPac) then there would, I’m sure, be more than one purchaser.

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