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    Mike M

    I have a yearly summer outdoor event in July that uses three separate zones of sound. I have used a Mixwiz with L, R, M for the zones and it has worked well. I recently transitioned to a QU-16 and have been using it for my smaller shows. Is there a way to get three separate FOH mixes out of the QU-16? I will need to control the volume of each separately.
    (I’ve still got my Mixwiz if need be….)
    Please advise.

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    Depending on your monitoring needs just use one of the 10 mixes. I have used the left side of mix 9/10 for that. Just change the channels to post fader so they follow your main mix. Set the master on that mix to your needed level. You will have compressor, PEQ and GEQ and delay for that send.

    If you want 3 separate adjustments then duplicate that on say mix 7/8. Now you have the LR, 7,9 as 3 feeds. That leaves you with 5 aux mixes for monitors if needed. You also have an ALT OUT you could use.

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    Or if, as I suspect, the outputs are all mono…. You can run the lower numbered mixes.

    How often does the balance change? Might be tempting to put the output through a “distribution mixer”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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