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    I have a question on how to run backing tracks through the QU-16 mixer. I’m very new to this mixer, backing tracks, and running sound so please bear with me and my stupidity. (Keep in mind I am in a very small 3 piece cover band). I have backing tracks with click tracks embedded in them. I want the click track to go to the band’s IEMs and not sent to the FOH. I want to be able to play them from my laptop through the mixer. How do I go about setting this up? What equipment do I need? There is not much online that I can find to help me with setting this up. Any information or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    If you’re running your track through ST3 or 2 etc Or using a DI box. What ever channel you using will be sent to mix channels only. Don’t send that channel used for your click to front of house or LR mix.

    I use radial engineering ProAV1 for mine.

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    6 separate out and a nice q-16 is top solution for backing tracks. the only alternative is a laptop with an audio interface and almost 4 line out.

    Cymatics 16 was the best for this job, but is out of production, and is very difficult find also in second hand.

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    Mike C

    You will need to use at least two input channels, for instance ST1 Left Right and ST2 Left mono for the click, assuming the tracks are in stereo. The channel with with the track music will be brought up in the main mix and on monitor mixes for the needed IEM’s.
    The channel with the click will only be brought up on the needed monitor mix sends and
    on the main L R mix layer the fader is turned down. To be safe you may want to un assign
    the click channel from the main mix.

    The monitor sends should be all set to PRE FADE.

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