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    Mikey B

    Sorry, I don’t get on here much… Not sure what you’re asking…

    I go to each channel and right click over a function I want to control. Select remote control. Do the function on the board. Hit “learn”. Done.. Next function, same routine…. Like I said, it’s tedious, but then I save the template and use it each time I pull up a new session. I don’t link things like EQ, pan, etc, that will be set and left alone as I only use it for the mixing (pan being on the super strip, not sure it would work, haven’t tried)…. But each thing you do on the QU sends a midi signal (including each layer being different, so Mix1 controls can be assigned differently than say LR)…

    I had some serious issues until I installed and uninstalled a newer version of Sonar… Since then, working on Sonar 8 has been simple…

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    Mikey B

    So, for example,
    I right click over the “mute” for channel 1 on Sonar
    Click on “remote control”
    Push the mute on and off on the QU’s channel 1
    hit “learn” on the sonar remote screen
    Pushing mute on QU channel 1 now mutes and unmutes sonar channel 1

    The Sonar 8 program does not control the QU surface… Not sure if it can… Let me know if you get that happening.. I haven’t tried, but it would be great for

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    Many thanks. I was hoping someone had found a way to use the super strip and a broader set of the Qu’s controls to operate Sonar. I’ve found the Midi spec for the Qu24, but it looks a complex job! I’ll update you if I have any success in getting communication in the other direction

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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