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    i’m new to the Qu-16 and trying to figure out what the FX3 and FX4 return on the top layer (channel 6 and 7) is for?

    From what I can tell if you want to use the FX3 and FX4 you need to return that to a channel directly and the mix is controlled at the processor section (wet/dry). Otherwise it needs to be returned to Mix1-10. I haven’t tested this yet but do these faders need to be up to get return signal back even if the FX3/FX4 is being returned to the Mix1-10?

    Just trying to figure out what those are for – not sinking in for me yet. 🙂

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    Depends on their routing – if they are sent to the mixes PRE fade, then the fader is not relevant.

    They are useful for mix->return (i.e. use two of the extra ‘mix’ outputs as extra FX busses) or channel -> Return (for FX on a single channel)

    But they behave in the same way as the FX1/2 return faders.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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