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    Hello everyone
    I have read threads about faders going spontanously down and I can say I have a similar problem
    The last, 16th, fader moves only downwards, no matter what – on any layer switch it tries to go down, even if it’s on -inf already.
    When I opened the case I found two screws hanging around unattached to anything. The firmware is the latest on the date of posting this and I wonder if it’s one of two major cases – those two screws short curcuiting something or the controller gone wrong, cause the motor seems to be okay since it works at least one way.
    so, where should I look first?
    What is most probably a problem?

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    If the firmware is already version 1.73 or later then the issue is most likely mechanical. Get it serviced.

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    David Haughton

    Hi Stasoid, have you tried calibrating the faders so see if this resolve the issue?
    I like to use a straight edge to line up all of the faders to the points in the calibration nicely.
    How old is the unit?
    I’m not sure where these screws might have come from, have you checked closely inside the chassis to see of they’ve come out of anywhere?

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    Hello again! Those screws had holes for them inside, but left them to explore the world =)
    The console is couple years old
    I tried to calibrate faders, but the sick one was constantly trying to move down instead of aligning with others, so it didn’t help
    Firmware is already 1.73, so, if this problem isn’t popular, then i suppose the motor or the controller is just broken
    Thanks for you attention!


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