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    last night I was trying to link my mac with my QU-16 (I have Logic pro).
    I’m not sure to have well understund what the procedure allows me to do, I immagine I will have possibility to can controll logic mixer faders with qu16 faders and viceversa.

    But the thing i’d to have is to controll completely qu16 with my mac (just like i do with my ipad).
    So the questions are basically 2:
    1- may I do that with Logico Pro (not finalized to record but finalized to controll qu16)?
    2- Do exist a dedicated software just to link MAC and Qu16 and manage it bymean MAC?
    Thank you so much.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Mimmo,

    The MIDI Strips on Qu-16 can be configured to control and respond to track level volumes, selection, mute and solos in Logic. This is typically done using our DAW Control driver although manual assignment of MIDI controls to parameters is possible if required.

    To reply to your questions:

    1. DAW Control is intended for controlling DAW software from the desk in editing and recording applications. It is not designed for full remote control of a Qu mixer from the Mac or PC in live situations.

    2. The Qu series doesn’t offer any dedicated Mac or PC Editor software.

    Hope this helps.

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    Nicola, how exactly does logic determine which fade controlswhich specific fader in logic? I fiNd sometimes one fader on the qu, will be controling two faders in logic some tracks i cant control via the qu. I cant make heads or tailsof it.

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    Nicola A&H

    When using the DAW Control driver, the map of controls to DAW parameters is fixed.

    Sounds like you might have missed the last few steps of the instructions (creating a Monitor object and connecting the MIDI inputs to it).

    Should you need assistance with this please submit a ticket to our UK Support team: https://allen-heath.helpserve.com/

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    Thanks i will do that.

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    hello, am user of digital performer MOTU 7.24, and I am unable to configure the use of all faders QU16, only eight at a time, I’ve tried many settings and can not be fully functional, can you help me?

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