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    From your experience do you think that the QU is more of a “live oriented” console or a Studio console ?

    I am starting to see that the QU, and it’s global functionality (Patching In’s / Out’s, etc.), is directed essentialy for Live performance.
    Comparing for instance with the Yamaha 01v96i.

    What do you think ?

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    I use it as a live desk – and it does an excellent job. There are features that are fully studio oriented though.

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    Hi edu,

    Assuming you’re a prospective buyer, what is your intended use case? What features are you looking for? I’m not sure your question necessarily helps you decide whether to buy. Officially speaking though, it’s been designed for live, studio and installation. I’m happy to answer any further questions.


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    Personally, as someone who has been in the studio business and live for 40yr, I would call it a live mixer that just happens to output BWAV files. I would never consider it a studio mixer. Not in my world of thinking. Of course there are those who might dispute that and have made it work but I think the abundance of issues with overdubbing etc with DAW interface seen here prove that. I really do not think that A&H had in mind for it really being a studio mixer. Just my .02 worth.

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    I have 6 synthesizers and a drum machine that I will connect to the QU, for Audio recording. And I also have a MIDI Interface (8×8), where I connect all my synth via MIDI, for MIDI recording.
    The main goal is to record Audio / Midi, multitracking / overdubbing (track by track), into a DAW (Logic Pro or Ableton Live). This is the main goal: Studio recording.

    I have a QU-16 at home at this precise moment, for testing. Don’t get me wrong. After working with it for a while, I can clearly see that this is a top of the range product from Allen & Heath. The build quality is absolutely superb. So what I am explaining has nothing to do with this aspect.

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    I think that if I wanted a desk only or mainly for studio use, I’d have picked something else. Or possibly followed several friends who seem to have gone down the “no desk at all” route recently.

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    Dont give up
    Allen and Heath advertise the QU as both Live and in the Studio.
    It is both “to a price point”

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    I’m using it mostly for recording. I don’t have a single complaint. As a USB interface into my Mac it’s been flawless, the best computer recording experience I’ve had. You’ll need to get another interface for MIDI in/out, though.

    There are features on the Qu-16 that are geared toward live mixing, but A & H have done a great job of making the mixer work very well for both applications. It’s a wonderful piece of gear.

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