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    It would be really helpful to allow the user to customize the UI for the iPad app. Some examples:
    1. Locking the view/layer – with controls for things like layers near the edge of the surface, it is very easy to hit something with your thumb, not realize it, and suddenly the fader you thought you were adjusting for the lead vocal is actually something else. Another example is when the faders scroll, and suddenly the user is disoriented because the leftmost fader disappeared.
    2. Disable/hide some controls – mute switches are pretty easy to trigger inadvertently, for example. Swipe a fader too much and suddenly the channel is muted. Either being able to lock that row, hide it, or just having a hold delay (as the phantom switch has) on that would be helpful. But if you have to hand the iPad off to someone else who doesn’t usually run sound to help out with relative levels only, it would be really nice to simplify the UI for them by hiding controls like mutes, FX, other layers, etc. that they are not going to need.
    3. Colors for channels – to help color code and identify vocal mics versus instruments, for example.
    4. And, again,to have channel names on the console in the view window and have the iPad app sync up with those for the scene.

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