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    My partner and I are upgrading our studio and its mostly going to be new machines.
    We mostly work in Logic Pro X.
    We shall have a decent mix collection, the interface will most likely be either one of the new MOTU ones or Apogee Ensemple/UA Apollo.
    As for hi end gear we do want to invest in a Shadow Hills Equinox and their Mastering Compressor.

    He is interested in the Allen n Heath Q32 digital console as a one stop solution especially as it also features direct USB recording. So we can record bands or drums directly and then transfer the files to a DAW…..also the Q32 can be a 32 channel DAW controller. Additionally, if we use it as a USB interface we can stream 32 channels from our DAW through the board and through the Equinox summing mixer.

    We can also route the Q32 outputs directly through the Equinox Summing mixer and the Mastering Compressor. The Equinox also gives us 2 hi end preamps and a monitor section.

    But i am unsure about the Convertor quality of the Q32 and also the quality mix pre’s and i vote maybe we should invest in more mic pre’s and a higher end interface rather than a digital console.
    Also, i’d like to know how reliable the Q32 is an audio interface on a Mac running Logic Pro X and Ableton Live.
    As for the convertors, can anyone compare them to any other stand alone audio interface ?
    We have to make this decision fast and any reply’s would be greatly appreciated.

    btw: Ive been an A&H DJ mixers user for a decade!! Now on a DB4 and love it!!

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    The QU allows for two preamp choices – the local ones and those used in the AR stageboxes (i.e. the same as in the GLD).
    Converters are pretty much transparent nowadays – they all oversample and then use digital filters to knock the sample rate down – because it’s equivalent to sharp cut off analogue filters, and much cheaper.

    Since preamp quality is so ear dependant I’d suggest you go and listen to one… or hire one?

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    preamp quality is so ear dependant

    I agree with this!
    As a user of both QU32 with AR boxes and GSR24M / ZEDR16 and in past life-time many of older anologue Wizards & GL range
    The QU sounds great!
    It has a particular sound of being ‘clear in detail’
    Both at low volume and over 100db.

    As a midi controller it has been quite stunningly ‘solid as a rock.’

    Hope this helps

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