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    Repost, regarding QuPaq:
    Anyone knows what the “Shutdown” really does (compared to pwr-off)??
    Occasionally I use “Shutdown” but more often we just power of the
    whole rack with gear on the power conditioner that feeds everything
    in the rack.
    I expect the QuPaq to autosave in certain intervals like most other
    mixers do….

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    The biggest downside I’ve experienced when I don’t use the Shutdown sequence is the loss of USB multi-track data. It stinks to have recorded a 2-3 hour show only to have all that data disappear when you don’t use the shutdown process.

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    Your chances of corrupting data in your console decrease significantly when you use the proper shutdown procedure.

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    OK, that’s good to know. For recordings we rely on a separate PC that
    we also use for pause music and in the near future also for backing tracks.

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    Since the Qu doesn’t have battery-backed memory, it writes its state to static ram at some interval. If you powered it off while it was writing data, it could corrupt the internal memory. Shutdown tells it to stop writing, so that doesn’t happen.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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