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    Hi all, got a question on setting the gains for a bass guitar. Musicians currently commenting that they can’t get enough bass guitar volume out of their ME-500 units. Currently the setup is more or less like this; Bass Guitar Volume > Tech21 Sansamp > DirectBox > A&H Stagebox > snaked to FoH SQ-7.
    Gain at the SQ-7 is around 5db I believe, that’s being sent to the ME-hub via Dante. We recently got new speakers and some things were updated. The bass channel was changed to post-fade the subs but that’s about it (I think…I wasn’t there). Question is, what would be the best way to get more volume of the bass player to the IEM’s? Where should I start, set everything back to 0 and start with FoH or at the bass guitar and work my way back?

    Thanks for any input, let me know if you need additional info. I’m going to see where the volumes sit currently tonight so I will update that asap.

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    If your gain staging is on 0db, then its not a problem of the SQ nor is it a problem of ME-500. Its a Problem of the „Mix“ and/or perhaps the amplifing of the IEMs. When the base is not loud enough for them, check the mix and lower the levels of the other channels. If thats not the problem and the overall mix is ok but not loud enough overall, the problem is located in the IEM amplifing. Some IEMs have perhaps set a limiter

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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