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    When I first received my sq6 I had 1 dx168 stagebox and they connected, since then I have upgraded the firmware and added another dx 168 .. nothing would connect .. on the console and dx box both had a flashing amber light next to lnk/err .. any help would be appreciated….. Thanks.

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    I had the same issue yesterday. SQ6 with Firmware 1.2.2 and two DX168/X. Everything was connected before the power on sequence. The power on sequence was DX168-1, DX168-2 and at last the SQ6. The orange lights were flashing, in the routing tab I saw that the DX Link was established. But when I tried to route some signals to the output the Black/white square shows me that the output is not available. I simply disconnected and reconnected the SLink cable and the I it works fine. It seems that the initialization of the stageboxes on power up was not completely done by the SQ.
    There is also another issue, maybe it is one by design. In in the output routing tab of the SQ I have to rout the output sockets 1-8 for the first DX168 and 17-24 for the second one. the output sockets 9-16 always are displayed as unavailable.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Mfk0815,

    Yes, this is by design. The DX protocol is 32×32 channels, and by cascading DX168’s you can imagine this split into two blocks of 16×16.
    There is a very useful DX system guide available from our site – ( if you’re interested in how DX works with dLive and SQ. Note that at this time the DX32 and DX164 are not fully supported, but this will be coming shortly.


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    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for that link to that guide.


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    Hi all!

    Connecting a pair of DX168 stage boxes to an SQ7 for some tech prep the other day and all the Slink LED indicator lights were flashing yellow even though they seemed to pass signal fine. Is that normal? Couldn’t find any documentation on what the LED lights signify when blinking.


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    blinking = activity

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