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    SQ7 Firmware V1.5.0
    Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
    SQ USB Control Panel V 4.67.0

    Hardware Settings:
    SQ7, USB B 48000khz
    Sq USB COntrol Panel 1024 Samples Safe Mode, but I have also tried other settings as well.

    Windows 10 Device & Driver Info:
    Audio inputs and outputs.
    > Line (SQ) – Microsoft Driver 10.0.18362.1
    > Speakers (SQ) – Microsoft Driver 10.0.18362.1
    Sound, video and game controllers.
    > SQ – Allen & Heath Driver
    SQ Audio Devices.
    > SQ – Allen & Heath Driver Version

    What is working:
    I can successfully send audio from the SQ7 to the computer using the regular WDM driver.
    I can successfully assign 32 channels to be sent from the SQ7, then configure my audio software in the computer to retrieve the 32 tracks using the asio driver.
    I can successfully open the Windows Sound Settings and then choose the output device of “Speakers (SQ)”.
    When I open a youtube video or play any local audio on my computer, the level meters for the “Speakers (SQ)” output moves up and down.
    I can successfully go into my audio software and use the ASIO driver and configure it to output audio to various channels.
    When I play the audio, the levels in the software move up and down like they should. no errors are throwm.

    What is not working.
    No audio is showing up on the SQ7 when sending audio from the computer to the SQ7 even though the computer appears to be configured correctly.

    What I have tried.
    I have did the things mentioned on the Knowledge Base Article titled Troubleshooting issues with the SQ USB B interface.

    I have tried various I/O Patch > USB > Inputs > Input Channel settings.

    Keeping in mind the info from the manual that states
    Routing –
    • It is important to note when patching, that outputs from the computer are USB
    input sockets on the SQ and USB output sockets from the SQ are inputs on the
    • By default, SQ input channels 47 and 48 are sourced from USB channels 1 and
    2, and USB output channels 1 and 2 are fed from the Main LR mix, though all
    USB patching is fully assignable.
    • When using WDM drivers to utilize the SQ for Windows system/default sound,
    only USB channels 1 and 2 are used on the SQ. To make use of all 32 input and
    32 output channels, the ASIO driver must be used with a compatible program.

    What am I missing?

    My next step I think would be to uninstall the newest Allen Heath driver V4.67.0 that I am using, and try to run this with the older SQ Windows Driver V4.3.5.0?

    Maybe I am missing something simple… Is there a complete walk through video that can shows a complete setup of someone configuring the SQ7 to accept audio from a computer via USB?


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    Just discovered what I over looked!!!

    I forgot to press apply when I went to Setup > Audio > USB > USB Mode B….

    Homer Simpson DOH!

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