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    We currently use a PreSonus 24.4.2 and in the next 6 months or so I’m looking to upgrade the mixer. One of the options I’ve been looking at is the QU-24. My question is does it have any channel presets for say kick drum or male vocals? This might seem very amateur but sometimes we only have 15 minutes for a sound check and it’s nice to plug is some presets and tweak from there since we do different bands every night. If there are no built in presets is it possible to save individual channel settings so we can save our own kick drum settings to recall later? Or can you only save complete scenes?

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    Have not seen a 24 yet but QU16 does have a general vocal, kick and speech preset in the library. That is EQ. There are some for compressor also including bass. That said, those are just general. There are so many variables to EQ and comps. Artist, mic type, conditions, etc etc. I guess it is a starting point for a novice. Yes, you can save new library presets for later overwrite and recall.

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    Nicola A&H

    And remember users are free to upload their presets on this Community site for sharing with others. In fact some presets are already available in the Qu libraries.

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    Just upgraded to the QU-24 from the Presonus 24-4-2. Will be doing a full PA set up tomorrow. I will post the library from the set up session tomorrow or Monday. I wish more libraries were posted, just so we could get a quick start point to speed up initial board dial in. The libraries that were in the presonus were handy start points for new bands, but I will post the results from the break in and live sessions as they happen.

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