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    I’m in the process of evaluating the GLD80 to replace our analogue desk. Having used a GLD80, I noticed that the PAFL automatically cancells all other PAFLs when you select a channel, so you can’t listen to more than one channel at once.

    The desk I was using had all the vocal channels connected by a DCA, and if I prefaded the DCA, I got the combination of all of these at prefade.

    How do you listen to one or two channels individually, or listen to the DCA combination of channels after the individual channel faders? I tried using the Pre-post button + select, but it didn’t appear to do anything?



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    I am not at mine but I think it is in the surface prefs in the audio tab in setup.

    There is an option to have additive PFL.

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    to get to additive mode -> Setup, Audio, PAFL.

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    I can’t check right now, but I’m pretty sure that PFLing a DCA gives you all the channels that the DCA is controlling. And yes, you can definitely set additive PFL mode.

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    PAFLing a DCA will give you all the channels assigned to the DCA. If you want to listen to all the channels assigned to a DCA post-fade, going to the setup screen and turning input AFL to ON should do the trick (just remember to turn it back OFF before panicking if you’re trying to check something that has the fader down).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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