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    this maybe a stupid question,but i am trying to wrap my head around preamp section of channels. Is the PEQ library and the Channel Library an either or? Or can you use both? what what be any advantages or disadvantages of either one. Tried finding some tutorials and just haven’t found anything that explains it in lamens terms to me.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Rhill,

    The Channel library stores all channel processing settings, including the preamp, gate, PEQ and compressor. There are then individual libraries for the gate, PEQ and compressor which can be accessed by selecting the processing block and pressing the Fn (Library) key.

    So it depends on how you want to use the libraries, but as an example:

    I may use a channel library for a specific musician, such as their ideal vocal settings, to use as a starting point.

    I may use a PEQ library when a musician wants to change between two guitars that require different EQ settings.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thank you for your knowledge in advance. To sum it up Channel is all setting saved in one, PEQ is exactly what it is “EQ” only. Just saying if I use a starting point for a kick drum factory PEQ for E901 and dial in all the settings Compression, additional EQ settings, Gain etc. I can then save it in the Channel Library. The PEQ just gave me a starting point for a saved Channel setting. Can you or would you you save PEQ instead of Channel library.

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    as Alex said, it depends

    I saved some EQ and some compression to the libraries
    only two or three channel presets used over the time

    to remember… saving some GEQ presets for different monitors or different locations main GEQ helps a lot as well

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