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    with the new firmware, the system now goes on with a bang/plop to the output. It used to power on silent…

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    Always turn your master down when switching ON any mixer.

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    Always turn your speaker/amps on last and turn them off first…..

    There is a reason this has been rule #1 since people started using speakers to reinforce live sound. Relying on the equipment to prevent loud transients through the PA is asking for trouble.

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    Hi! Make sure all speakers are off before powering the mixer.
    Power On: Mixer then Speakers.
    Power Off: Speakers then Mixer.

    Same as everyone else previously stated but I thought I’d add this in the spirit of clarity as I recall snuggling to remember the order in the past 🙂

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    sure. but it was fine with the lower FW. That’s why it’s strange. If it was the same, I would not have posted it here. But the other equipment did not change, only the firmware.

    If nothing changed technically, maybe it’s just now slower then the amps? It feels like it takes more time, but because I didn’t measure, can’t confirm.

    I don’t know how A&H programs it. It sounds like a phantom power plop. Maybe something changed in their boot order. Or some timing changes. Then a standard mute on outputs until phantom power stabilises is all that it takes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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