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    Hey there,

    I use a QU-SB live on stage controlled by Qu-PAD / IPAD 3 (IOS 9). I charge the IPAD cont. with a 2A Charger but it losses state of charge. Not much but maybe 2-4% in one hour. My feeling is that the energy consumption of the App QU-PAD (and Wifi and Display of course) is very high. Battery of the IPAD is o.k. If I use the origin Apple charger it is slightly better (no loss of soc but no charging).

    Any Ideas?

    Thank you and regards,

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    never run an ipad on continuous charge as it is not good for the battery even though they are L-ion.

    Like anything else you need a charger with the correct power rating, I belive 2.5 amp for Ipad2

    The biggest drain is the screen of course and its brightness so for a lower consumption of the charge lower the brightness.

    Finally I always have a fully charged power bank to hand as I use my Ipad away from the desk and power supply and if the unthinkable happened and I forgot to charge my Ipad fully I can still be portable with a power bank!

    Hope this helps.

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    I too noticed that my iPad Pro would last about 2 sets when used with my Qu-SB. Using the supplied charger did nothing but stem the drain. It wouldn’t charge unless I put it to sleep.
    I did some research and read about a new charger from Apple that has a USB C port on it. I bought that plus a USB C to Lightning cable, and it does charge the iPad while in use.
    I can look up the PN if you need it.

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    Both my Ipad mini and my Ipad Air last a full gig including preparations and soundcheck on 1 charge. I have brightness on about 50% and both “airplanemode” and “don’t disturb” on.

    I seem to remember IOS 10 uses less power then IOS 9.


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    I can do a sound check and 1hr 30mins of stage time and still have over 50% of battery life left on my iPad Air that is running at 100% brightness.

    I did an outside gig back in August last year for a Ukulele festival, QU-16 was on stage whilst I sat amongst the audience. I had made a schoolboy error and left my apple charger at home, I managed to do around 3.5/4hrs before I was down to the last 15%.
    So to keep me going until my partner turned up with another iPad I had to run a very long extension power cable around the perimeter to where I was located to keep the iPad plugged into 240v power so I could charge the battery whilst working.

    When I use my iPad it is never set to “Airplane” mode.

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    Yes power consumption is really bad on iPad Pro.
    In fact testing yesterday with the USB and Ethernet adapters connected with QuPad running the charger couldn’t keep up

    So @Rob if you could supply that part # that would be a good start to sorting this issue out?


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    The Apple PN is MJ262LL/A, and you’ll need the USB-C to Lightning cable with it, MKQ42AM/A.
    As I said, I ran this on Saturday with my iPad Pro and the Qu-SB and it actually charged during the breaks when I wasn’t mixing from the audience.
    Worth the $60 it cost me for both. Bought them on ebay from 2 different sellers.

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