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    Hi community,

    Wanted to ask a few questions about SQ series mixer, hoping I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone (Live and Studio)
    In short, Im in a folk band with 7 different types of instruments. Im confident the SQ5 mixer will elevate my workload on stage by prepping these instruments prior as I run mixer whilst playing.. Another advantage is feedback control

    The real question im wanting to ask is using the SQ as a studio interface into Logic Pro with iMac. Most critical is the Live tracking and overdubbing. Things like RTL (Round Trip Latency) and any digital gremlins i.e. popping, noise, drop outs.
    I have another interface (Zoom L12) with same connection – USB 2.0 and have encountered these small issues. Hence why im asking

    Another random thought I had, for the same price of the SQ is I could buy a QU series for live use and Personus thunderbolt 2626 interface for Studio. Though Interface won’t have pre EQ/comps etc, though I have some DBX rack comps.

    Any suggestions or feedback for a sleepless Sound Engineer !

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    Mr. Badlands

    Hello everyone,

    Also my first post, very excited about the desk and thought I could jump on this thread, instead of opening a new one.

    I come from a short recording/mixing history as a hobby home producer. I would like to go with a great sounding center desk and getting rid of all the cables etc..

    I am going to buy a SQ5 and wanted to ask about the monitor outs of the desk.

    1) Is it recommended to use an external monitor controller (advantage: You can go out at high volume into the monitor controller and have a better image of what’s going on, maybe the stereo image is better that way).

    2) Is it recommended to use a DAC with the monitor controller? How is the experience with the D/A of the SQ5?

    3) How about potential inserts of external hardware? I saw stereo ins and outs on the back, they go to the master? I don’t know if I get it right…

    I hope to find some advice here (I Heard- really good things about that forum).


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    Hi Thorsten, welcome!

    ad 1) and 2)
    it’s up to you 😉

    ad 3)
    The SQ series are equipped with a signal switching matrix for all In’s, Out’s, Inserts, Direct Out’s, Listen Bus.
    This means you can use the analog (or digital) Socet’s for what ever you want!
    Aux-bus out next to some Insert Send’s and inbetween group out’s.

    Have look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxMyrGDmLIE


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    Mr. Badlands

    Thanks dd!

    That’s fantastic, so much flexibility on the inserts and you still have all channels available!

    What about integrating a hardware SYNTHESIZER via MIDI? Not for control, but for sound.
    I was not able to find something right now…Thanks

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