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    I have a bit of a problem. I’m going on tour tomorrow with a gld 112. The show has 24 scenes, and the problem is that whenever I change scene, pops appear in the monitors AND FOH. The only way I have found to avoid it, is to SAFE the master and the 6 aux’es for monitors, and then mute them when changing scene, and then unmute them when I have done the scene change. BUT that is offcourse and issue for the show, because there will be dropouts in the sound from the show. And I have plenty of other, more important things to do during the show, than to mute 7 chanel’s before changing scenes.

    I have notices that the pops are bigger, if the scene I change to, has a lot of effects going. But it’s a show with a lot of hall verbs, so I cant avoid that.

    Any ideas as to how I can avoid this?

    Help is much appreciated

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    I can’t help with the pops, but if you have an extra DCA available make a mute group for all you ‘parts’. Might help.

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    Any chance the scenes are changing the state of phantom on an open channel?

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    Same idea here. Check phantom power status on each input per scene. Are there any ghost channels open but not draged to the surface?

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    It wasn’t a phantom power issue. But I found the solution in changing the crossfade time to 0,4 seconds.

    Thanks for the help guys..

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