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    Are there any built-in pitch correction (aka auto tune) plugins that can be used with the SQ series of mixers? I’ve seen a few old posts with a flat ‘no’…just curious if there has been any movement on this in the last while?

    I see they have the VS1 Vocalshift…but this appears to just be a fixed pitch-shifting tool, not an autotune of sorts.

    Trying to have the SQ do all the processing if possible instead of involving a 3rd party tool on PC, but really we need this more for our live stream than we do our front of house.

    Seems that everything sounds more ‘in tune’ in the house mix because you have the congregation singing and room resonance that seems to mask anything that might be off key…but in the live stream it can really amplify anything that is off pitch as you have only the lead singer and instruments.

    With the logic the house mix sounds more in tune based on the above logic, thinking to set up a condenser mic high up to pickup the congregation singing to ‘fill’ things in and balance the lead singer with everyone else. With this room mic we can send it through the sub mix only (not front of house) and I would think I could set the gain on the mic pretty hot without any feedback as it won’t be in the front of house mix so no change for speakers to cause feedback, right?

    Any other creative tips for masking pitch issues for a sub-mix?

    Loving the SQ. Still learning and know just enough to get into trouble 😉 Still a noob with this!


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    No build in Auto Tune so far for the SQ. Since Auto Tune is a dangerous thing in live environment I would say that would not happen in the next period of time.
    Some creative tips for avoiding pitch issues? find a vocal coach to get a better tuning. in the meantime use a “reverb of mercy”, a “graceful chorus” or both to mask that issues. 😉

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