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    How can I route PFL to an output? Need to send PFL to my in-ears. I looked in the output section but it doesn’t seem to be listed.

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    I would also like to know if this is going to be a possbility. I am using my SQ6 for broadcast mixing in a studio. Would love to send the PAFL to an output bus. Is this going to be possible in a future firmware update?

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    Currently, I have not heard of that being possible. There is lots of routing possibilities with the QU series and the PAFL buss, so I’m assuming that’s on the list of firmware improvements.

    I don’t think they quite anticipated the attention SQ would get; they were prepared to update the software as momentum grew. But now there’s a huge demand and lots of users already 4mo after announcement and the users want a fully mature product like the QU, but it isn’t there yet.

    Just like QU in its infancy was I might add.

    A&H Staff might weigh in on if it’s coming soon or not. I expect by end of March some of the big requests will be done.

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    Sorry, but the option to have a PAFL-Bus as the source for a listening Wedge for example is not a fancy thing to ask, it’s essential for everybody who has to work with the console. And really, I can’t understand why this hasn’t been implemented yet.

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    at the moment it’s not possible.

    but you can make do:
    building an adaper from the headphone output.
    this is not really complicated, because it is a very simple analog solution

    respect joke:
    alternatively you can put the desk in the corner and wait until it may be solved during the next update.
    (duck and cover) 😉

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    At the moment I am using one Y-Cable (TRS Jack to two TS Jacks) for exact that purpose. From the SQ the signal goes to a simple Monitor Controller which also provides a Headphone out, so I do not loose that option. A monitor controller is nevertheless a good option since the SQ do not have relays on the outputs and would cause a plop when turn of the power in my active near field monitors.
    This is the same I am doing also for the XR18;-) (does that means that the two are somehow comparable?;-))

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    alternatively you can put the desk in the corner and wait until it may be solved during the next update.

    I did exactly that, as long as there are only DIY-Solutions the QU16 or QU24 will remain the weapon of choice for small monitor-setups 🙂

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    I’m adding my name to the pile of folks who think this is a major restriction. Who thought that not being able to drive a cue wedge was a good idea? An excellent console marred by one major lacking feature.

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