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    The title says it all.
    I would like the PAFL to be able to go to matrix outputs for ‘studio use’ where you have 2 sets of A/B monitors.
    At this moment I have 2 sets of monitors running from matrix fed from FOH however I have to have another monitor to PAFL from ALT out.
    Thats 3 sets OR 2 sets of studio speakers and a single to PAFL
    The system works well… however
    There has to be a way of doing this rather than having to have an outboard gadget.

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    Alt out -> ST1 -> Any outputs you want?

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    Some people [like myself] use multiple studio monitors A/B to compare how a mix sounds.
    I use [on the QU32] Matrix outputs and I mute with softkeys which ever set of matrix outputs A/B I select.
    Unfortunately you can not PAFL to matrix outputs directly.

    In the title of the original post I should and ment to say:

    OPTIONAL switch to send PAFL to matrix when using the QU 24/32 in a DAW scenario.

    I have come from using a GSR24M studio desk that costs 3 x the price of the QU whilst the desk is in the repair shop.

    I am using the ALT out to a mono powered speaker which gives me ‘the desk channel PAFL’
    The marixs are driven from the FOH and this is to SOLO from within the PC Mac “ITB” [in the box]

    OR.. I could just go buy a mackie Big Knob out board controller which I choosenot to do at this moment.

    its all working really good except it could be better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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