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    Hey folks!

    One thing I’m really missing on this desk is the ability to filter the input signal side of the FX buss. I did this constantly on Venue to keep verbs nice and tight, filtering the back end just isn’t as effective; I’d love to see that as a feature in future updates!


    …and I realize that some of the FX units have filters on the input side. Others, which would benefit from having an input filter do not.

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    Maurits Thiel

    A big plus 1
    A PEQ and a COMP on the FX send buss would be great!

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    If this is really a problem for you guys, just handle the FX sends with AUX busses instead, and return FX to input channels like on all other desks. That will give you ALL the flexibility you could possibly need – and the FX returns will even still be there for you, even though you are not using any FX busses in Mixer Config.

    Please, it would be great to not ask R&D to allocate resources for stuff like this, that is already practically available on the console.

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    I don’t have a dLive, but how does one send to FX WITHOUT using an Aux (or Mix) bus? (Besides inserting of course)
    What method of sending to an Effect is the OP taking about?

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    Tor, I respectfully disagree sir: FX returns are used pretty consistently across many platforms. Eating Aux busses *and* input channels is more of a waste of console resources than adding the ability to filter an input path designated for FX. It’s obviously not a high-level request, but Venue has this ability, and so does my x32, and so does a host of other digital consoles; and for that reason, being that this is kind of flagship, it does not seem, to me, to be an unreasonable request. …and if it’s more of a headache because of an overall system architecture issue, perhaps offering an input filter stage on each FX unit would be easier to accomplish than adding PEQ on those input busses.



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    Well, you are respectfully wrong… You are not eating AUX busses, you are exchanging FX busses for AUX busses. So the cost is exactly 0 busses, and it does exactly what you guys are after, while still having the dedicated FX Return channels available – they are still there, despite having 0 FX busses assigned in the mix rack config.

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    Mr. X. he is talking about using FX busses, which are a dedicated bus type in the dLive system. They are in no way necessary, hence the low validity of this request.


    @ Tor – Yes I see what you’re getting at. And I absolutely understand the buss exchange in mixrack setup. I don’t think I saw the routing tab on the “back panel,” of the fx units previously.

    By your logic, just run Aux busses as input, and you can still return @ FX returns; problem solved. That 100% makes sense to me. What I wasn’t prepared to do, and thought you were suggesting, was burning input channels, esp as I’m already fairly close to my limit! (And have to keep signal flow relatively non-complex for other users in the venue.)

    …so yeah, dumb request!

    …and also, in that same vein – FX send busses… why have them at all if you’ve got the same thing + an additional insert point on an aux?

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    Exactly 😉 And yes, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to use FX busses…

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