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    One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing would be an editor program for the computer that would allow scenes to be created and the console set up remotely on the computer. Perhaps the program could double as a remote control as well over the network connection.

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    Yes +1, I think too it’s a good feature !

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    This would be incredibly useful to me. I almost went for the competition (gasp) due to this feature, but I was sort of rolling the dice that AH would put something out to accomplish this.

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    In fact, what what I was envisioning was a complete simulator that contained all of the functions of the actual board, including FX. You could take your Qu multi track recording and play it through the simulator, testing FX, routing, etc. The computer speakers would play whatever would be coming out of the Phones jack. This would enable setting up of mixes, routing, testing FX, and general training on the board, and then allow you to save/upload the settings to the board. This would be a game changer.

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    Brilliant… and then all you need is a rack mount black box with all the interconnects.
    The computer can run the whole black box!
    No knobs on the box!
    Can still have a high speed hard drive to multitrack capture
    And can still have the dSnake etc to go to the stage.

    mmm now there’s a thought huh?

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    In fact, what what I was envisioning was a complete simulator that contained all of the functions of the actual board…

    Sounds like you want an IDR0 + AR2412. Or an X32Core + s16, or just an X32Rack.

    Basically the Qu’s “brains” without the local IO or surface controls. It would just need a network socket for remote control, a dSnake socket for connection to AR(s) for analogue IO, a couple of USB sockets for scene transfer/Qu-Drive/multitrack streaming, perhaps a (couple of) sockest for local PAFL/monitoring/main LR out, perhaps one single XLR input for a talkback mic, perhaps a 3.5mm TRS input for an iPod for BGM, and a few buttons/a small screen for initial network config. This + AR84 + wireless AP + ipad\laptop would be great for small corporate gigs, folk dous etc where a high physical IO count isn’t necessary, but you still want to make use of the eq/dyn/FX, record the gig, etc.

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    Editor idea like for GLD would be ok bug a full blown working unit? Not so sure. I think I would just go for several other units already on the market. Everything from the QSC Touchmix to small Soundcraft. Just my thoughts.

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    I tend to agree with GCumbee. Such an emulator would be a whole separate product rather than a something extra for the Qu.
    All I would expect the offline editor to do would to allow me to create scene files to set the console up so that I can set up for a big church service beforehand without having to sit in the church setting the console…

    In any case on the emulator idea, I wouldn’t be able to trust such a system that relies on a computer for the sole control interface. 9 times out of 10 a computer used in any live performance dies or freezes at the the worst possible time. I’ve seen it all too many times and mac or windows too.

    I even wonder about the Ipad only offerings of Mackie and Behringer. Give me real knobs and faders any day.

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    Faders and knobs
    Yes once I would have agreed
    I love those real faders and knobs after many long fader and knobs hours.
    However the QU arrived in town. (that has faders and knobs)
    Are these computer based?
    Many Lighting desks these days when you open them up have XP driven circuit boards in them.
    And the same goes for some audio desks we know although I dont think they run on XP however some run on Linux
    I recently had to pull some channel strips out of my 40 channel desks. you know those circuit boards under the faders.
    gasp. Tracing weird faults to OP-amps that had mysteriously blown?
    After reassembling I stood back and looked at these huge desks with all of those faders and knobs, and thought… gosh “what a lot of stuff there is to go wrong”!?
    Give me a QU digital desk!
    I never would have said that until the QU rode into town.

    I love faders and knobs and even better I really like
    a real wire X2 and an earth from a microphone to the mixing desk
    However I see the beauty in quality digital these days.\
    My Mac book pro never misses a beat running 40 channels on Reaper from firewire from a recording desk
    And my windows laptops just keep on going on Win7.
    Purpose built computers are pretty reliable now.
    I had a couple of old Wizards… you know those 16 channel versions with the plastic jacks
    In the end I had to bang them on the table to get them to work. But they were 10 years old and had seen sun and sand.
    There is a place for all types of equipment.
    A pre set up emulator for the QU would be quite good.
    I see Roland use laptop driven drop and drag for setting up their top of the range looper (which I use… and never misses a beat! thats a joke!) and drum sampler pad.

    I still like faders and knobs.

    dave NZ

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    Well the Qu 16 I bought as part of the larger pa system upgrade in my church is my first real “ownership” of a different console. Up until now I’ve either worked analogue (and still do on my own pa) or have given the digital console back at the end of the day.

    I guess generally with most analogue gear if it worked at sound check and nothing has changed in the meantime it’ll still work during the show. I guess there’s still always the chance of failure with any gear.

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    I am thinking about writing a rudimentary editor for the Qu-16. It would not have all the features of the GLD Editor because it would only use MIDI to Set/Get parameters. My main goal is to reduce change-over time at festivals. I want to set up and label all of the channels on the computer while a different band is on stage and then send them to the board while we’re setting mics. I wrote a similar editor for the Presonus StudioLive a couple of years ago. I sold a few copies but it is now available for free at https://roadiesoftware.com.

    The version I’m planning for the Qu would be for OS X only. I would write it in a different language than I used for the SL editor and it doesn’t support Microsoft Windows. I don’t have anything yet. I’m going to write a proof of concept first, a simple program with one fader control and a mute button. If I can do that, I’ll start the full design.

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    I want to set up and label all of the channels on the computer while a different band is on stage and then send them to the board while we’re setting mics.

    Good idea
    I have done this (using talk-back headset comms/shout mic and also a little printer from my monitor engineer) having extra channels whilst other acts are playing.
    So an editor could be useful in this respect especially if 2 people could share and see whats about to happen next act.

    I’m in favor of an editor anyway, So go for it.
    Hopefully it was just a matter of time before A&H did this?
    But … the time line for that to happen? could be ages away.
    Really need this type of editor now.
    Interestingly its amazing ‘to myself’ at how fast ( exponentially ) the QU has developed with-in this digital level of equipment.

    look forward to seeing what you can develop

    dave NZ

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    First step and probably the hardest one! I can send a command to the Qu-16 from a proof of concept program.

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    Thanks @owai,
    I met George though the ProSound Web when he was just starting to write his app. He is a nice guy. We traded a couple of e-mails.

    I am currently working on an app for OS X that will allow me to create a scene with or without the mixer attached and then send it to the mixer when I am ready. I work a lot of festival and it is nice to be able to set channels names, initial gain, assigns, etc while a different band is on stage (and obviously using the mixer). I am going to try to make it look similar to the GLD Editor if I can.

    So far, I can Mute/Unmute Channels, Move the Faders and anything else that uses the MIDI NRPN commands. I’m trying to figure out the SysEx Commands. Once that is done I should have complete control. Then, all I have to do is write the interface (sarcasm)

    I wrote a similar product for the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 mixers. It’s on my website at http://www.roadiesoftware.com

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