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    So I have my virtual soundcheck rig setup for 32×32 record and playback over usb, and I’m wondering if there is a way to do the input routing that I am missing that can help me simplify things. Recording is easy, I’ve got tie lines patched one-to-one from the S-link inputs for all 32 channels. But for switching to playback, is there a way to just play everything back with one-to-one patching? I have things digitally routed all over the place from my s-link inputs, not just a straight across patch. So do I have to manually match up all those usb playback channels to the right corresponding channel on the mixer? Like if input 9 is patched to channel 4, I have to manually patch usb input9 to channel 4 for it to playback and function the way I am intending?

    My patching changes regularly, so even saving an input library is not helpful, because playing back recordings that were not taken on the same day will need a different patch for each one.

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    Maybe think of channel direct out one-to-one recording patches instead of using the tie lines?
    If that isn’t going to work… because you are using, say, channel 44 or something higher than 32 on the USB Out/In,
    Then perhaps saving your DAW with custom routing on the DAW outputs… to align them with your Desk Inputs?

    Past that maybe use a Dante or Waves card and deal with it through those instead of the USB?

    Fun problem to have! 😉

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    AFAIK you can’t have more than one source assigned to an input channel so for virtual soundcheck you need two scenes, one for live, one for virtual soundcheck.
    My understanding is that the Input Channels on the board (IP1…IP48) are independent of the physical inputs (Local, SLink, USB etc.) until patched. With 32 x 32 for virtual soundcheck you make a scene where all the IP channels are patched to receive audio from whichever live source (Local, SLink, etc.), save that then make a scene with the applicable IPs assigned to receive audio from the DAW. So live setting is you have IP9 labeled and modified for guitar, it is assigned to SLink channel 4 and thats saved in the live scene. Then assign IP9 to the USB input from whichever track guitar is playing back on the DAW, say track 12, save that as different scene, e.g. “soundcheck”, Once you check then go back to live scene. If the next week you move guitar to SLink channel 5 as long as you keep it assigned to IP9 you only have to make that change in the live scene, the USB scene will still have the the DAW input from USB playback track 12 from the DAW going to IP9.

    One thing I’m not sure is on the record side, but believe it’s same. If IP9 is patched to USB record channel X then it will send whatever is patched to that channel even if the physical input for IP9 changes from SLink 4 to SLink 5. Appreciate anyones QC on this or if they have a workflow.

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    Ya i’m still looking for a solid solution for vsc. Any help appreciated

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    why does your patching change regularly? that doesn’t make sense to me for a band where you want to use virtual soundcheck. you would always have to set preamp gains exactly as they where the last time for vc to work.
    i always keep the patching the same on bands im travelling with. then use tie lines to record. do not use direct outs to record for silent soundcheck purposes since the earliest DO-point is post phase switch and trim, with tie lines you get the pure preamp signal. then in my daw my input output paching is one to one, ie input 7 is output 7. on the sq i use 2 input libraries, one patched from slink and one from usb, while the usb is an exact mirror, ie if channel 7 is sourced from slink 7, for sc it is usb 7.

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