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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I’ve just finished updating my default scenes/show to use my GX4816/DX012/DX168.

    It would’ve been extremely useful to have an option to copy the existing preamp settings, where a channel was not unassigned, and not have to set the pad, gain and phantom for every single socket.

    Also, repatching in a live situation could potentially cause all sorts of problems if something is patched to a preamp where phantom is active, or the gain is particularly high. On that note, why do the IO boxes default to +28dB of gain and not 0?

    On the plus side, the GX4816 is an amazing piece of gear and sounds superb! Loving my set up 🙂

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    I sometimes have times when a musician wants to move or, as they are now part of a bigger band, needs to move to make room.
    often as that input is impractical to move etc.
    Having the option to “move” the entirety of that input to another patching would be amazing OR
    Having the library being able to load a COMPLETE set of channels, say for example, a drum kit.
    I turn up to the venue and they want the drum kit in ch18-24 instead of ch1-6, i simply select the drum kit channels or the presets from the library as a 6 channel bank and presto, my kit is now moved.

    Yes, i’m aware i could just patch 1-6 from the stagebox into channels 18-24, but this won’t copy my preamps….

    Also +1 for being able to set a default gain in inputs.

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    If you want to move something, make a custom layer and put everything where you want it.

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    +1 for user defined default preamp gain.
    Really most of the time +28 is way to hot!!!

    +1 for ability to copy a FULL channel!
    + Preamp settings (Pad, 48V, Gain)
    + Assignment (to busses)
    + Mix Levels

    Copy + Sel -> whole channel
    Sel, Copy + Routing -> only routing
    Sel, Copy + Processing -> only processing
    Sel, Copy + In/Out -> only this block.

    For my this would be way MORE logical!


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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