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    Just had the first jobs with a SQ5 for some Webcast-Events/Shows.

    Didn’t work with A&H desks for the last 8 Years, so I had to get familiar with it’s UI – it’s different, but I like it. Nevertheless, there are a few things that I miss or that I would like to have changed.

    1) FX Patch:

    – It would be great, if it will be possible to use the FX-Send for external FX (or additional IE-Feeds) while the FX-Slot is used for an insert-FX. I can’t see any benefit following the FX return to the real world as it is currently possible.

    – When using FX like Delays, Chorus some of us like to do strange things like compression, gating, ducking or polarity / m/s-processing with the FX-Return. So a free input patch for FX-Returns would be great.

    2) PFL-Trim: Due to the high output levels for the Webcast I were missing the possibility to raise my PFL-Volume above 0. +18dB would have been great (or lowering all other signals on the monitorbus).

    3) Monitor Source: The Ext.In Option is really great e.g. for intercom connectivity. But I was missing the possibility to select a matrix instead of LR as a general source.

    4) Routing: The idea of the routing screen and it’s independence from the channel processing is also great. But I was heavily missing a copy/paste-function at this point.
    For my personal preference you could design this screen more compact to avoid the horizontal scrolling.

    5) PFL-Metering: As I already mentioned in another thread – it is really necessary the see Input levels before they’re get leveled by the AMM. As you can see from the implementation in the app “mixing station”, the required level information is already available.

    6) DCA-Spill: Good to have it – personally I would prefer to use it by pushing the DCA-SEL-Button instead of a SoftKey.

    7) More “Nice to have” 😉 :
    – AddOn “Broadcast Processor” with MultiBand-Dyn, Leveler, TruePeak-Limiter, LUFS and Correlation-Meter
    – Expander and Ducker at the Gate position (or just as an parameter “Ratio” and a ducker-button to inverse the Gate function)
    – “Insert On/Off on current channel” on a SoftKey
    – “insert Scene” and “move scene” in the Scene Manager

    Thanks for reading and have a good time

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    +1 for trim

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    +1 for FX Routing (Send to Output and also Return to Channel)

    +1 for I/O Screen -> maybe like in the SQ Mix App (there you can Zoom in and out of the screen) like it’s on every smartphone the gesture with 2 fingers…

    +1 for PFL Trim options

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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