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    I have created various stereo groups which mono inputs are sent to. When I pan an input the panning is not reflected in the stereo group it is being sent to.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


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    Hi, Tom. It seems you are doing all right. Are the Group being routed to LR or just to a physical out? I will try this in my GLD.

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    I just wrote a feature suggestion on this related to the confusion of stereo groups that we have had at our place. Check the assignment and listen to the signal not at the group, but at the bus that the group feeds. Stereo groups seem to be like an odd mix of stereo / mono groups. If you notice the routing for a stereo group, all of the inputs are binary in nature. You dont actually see the stereo pan unless you look at the buss that the group feeds.

    Its quite confusing until you realize whats going on. And I am not positive I totally get it.

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    I just tried this. Seems to work ok. I unassigned an input from LR. I assigned it to a stereo group and the group to the LR. When I monitor the LR and pan the input it pans through the group. So not sure if something is not assigned right or I am misunderstanding your particular issue.

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    Sorry guys I should have mentioned that I resolved this with the help of technical support.

    It turns out the issue I was having was to do with the fact I wasn’t using the “Main” bus. I had set the Main bus to “None” because I was using the Matrix for all my speaker outputs. However if you do not have the Main bus set to LR then the panning of a mono input to a stereo group does not function and remains panned centre.

    So basically I loose a bus I’m not using just to allow me to pan the way I want.

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    Well if you don’t use the Main, why couldn’t you just use the Main instead of the group? At the main you have more possibilities for dynamics and you can send the main mix to your matrix!?

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