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    If QU has this (and a ton of different pre/post PAFL pick off points), then I absolutely think SQ will get this.

    Why it wasn’t implemented to begin with is beyond me.

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    +1 this is a must

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    HD Live Guy

    I tried to use the SQ5 as a compact monitor desk last weekend with 7 G3 stereo IEMs, 2 wedges, and 2 side fills. I had to route my cue IEMs through the headphone port, which was noisy and unusable. C’mon A&H. This is supposed to be a pseudo-pro desk. Let’s get some PAFL routing to the balanced outs.

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    Paul Harrison

    I am a +1 for doing some improvement in PAFL/monitoring.

    In the A&H grand overview of the console there is an entire section talking about how this is the perfect board for doing your IEMs and how you never need to gamble with the house monitor console again. But using an SQ board for a monitor console will not even be a viable option until the PAFL bus can be routed to an output other than phones jack AND put monitor/cue level control to a fader not the phones knob.

    This is the biggest problem keeping me from wanting to switch over to a couple of full FOH/monitor SQ setups.

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    It is IMPOSSIBLE to mix monitors properly without a functioning cue wedge (a headphone jack is NOT acceptable).

    There MUST be a ‘Cue to Master Fader’ mode as well.

    This is advertised as “the ultimate IEM mixer” yet your monitor engineer can’t even cue a mix over his belt pack currently…

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    Johan Velthuis

    This is now possible in firmware v1.3
    Haven’t tried it, but you can see it in the patch screen.

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    With version 1.3, how to adjust the sound level of the PAFL circuit on the physical monitor output ?

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    I also did not find a solution for the PAFL output. But you can use the Listen bus together with the listen bus mode of the Main fader. On the listen bus you hear the same as on the PAFL but its level can be controlled.
    I would love to have dedicated faders for PAFL and listen bus which are assignable to fader layers as well as on soft rotaries.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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